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The first meadery in Honolulu.

"Brian Paisley, former brewer of Pacific Breach Brewing Co. in Pearl City, opened the meadery in 2015 with a commitment to make every aspect of his mead on-island. “I even hike to the back of the Ko‘olau Range and culture my own yeast. So every aspect of production is 100 percent local,” Paisley says.

He likens his mead to a fine Champagne—light and bubbly with notes of honey and fruit. Says Paisley: “You could enjoy Krug [Champagne] for a few hundred dollars a bottle, or enjoy mead, which is affordable, produced locally and tastes even better.”

- Honolulu Magazine-

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The best honey in the world comes from Hawaii
Attica Restaurant Template

THE UNIQUENEST OF HAWAIIAN HONEY. What makes it so different?

Hawaiian honey is the purest and sweetest of the worlds honeys. With Hawaii being the most remote land in the world it has the most pristine environment free from outside contamination of the worlds polutants.

With our high humidity and stable weather, we have flowers all year round, allowing Hawaiian bees to produce and house the honey for years. This gives our Mead the prestige of being the finest and rarest the world has to offer. Enjoy!!

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The finest and rarest Mead the world has to offer


Smooth, sweet and bubbly.


Dry, smooth, slight sweet <


Light, effervescent, notes of mead/honey


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Bookings are essential. Tastings include 1 glass of mead. Choice of vegetarian, kosher or standard pairing. Please choose your pairing selection at the time of your reservation.
$20 per person.

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For more information on private events, please contact us and specify date and amount of guess.
(808) 673-5263